Private Schools , International Schools or Home School

Private Schools , International Schools or Home School

What is the difference between private schools, international schools and home schools in Malaysia ? The answer to this question is very simple and will be demonstrated base on the description below

Private School Malaysia
National Curriculum with Bahasa Melayu as their main subject. Student enroll in private school must take Bahasa Melayu and sit for 3 exams such as UPSR, PT3 and SPM. Fees in privates schools are cheaper than international schools

International School Malaysia
Students will take up IGCSE then continue with A Level or they can op for IB programme. Medium of instruction is English. Some international school offers American program.  IGCSE, IB and American Program will have different educational path.

Home School
Conduct International School program such as IGCSE and American Curriculum program. Usually kids who come to home school due to several reasons

  1. Cheaper tuition fees
  2. Slow learners
  3. Medical conditions

In terms of class size, home school will have a much descent students to teacher ratio

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