Private Schools for Special Needs

Private Schools for Special Needs

This is going to be my first article regarding the private schools for special needs students. While most of us are happy that there are abundance of home schools in Malaysia, more and more parents are looking into specific schools which specializes for special needs kids.

Why Home School  for Special Needs Students?
You have to agree conventional schools in Malaysia wont work. With the high teacher to student ratio is one of the main set back. How can it benefit special needs kids ? It is really not fair to lump the normal students with students who needs special attention. Sad to say classroom with 1: 30 students are still popular in local government school

Why not send to the Special Education hosted by Government ?
Oh No!!! This is one of the few place you should avoid if your child is mid autism, mild bipolar, mild adhd and etc. Unless your child is having a very severe disability, then this would be your option.

IGCSE is not so pressuring compared to SPM. For Special Needs Students you can go for Core Subjects and avoid all extended papers. You will still be able to graduate with a proper IGCSE Certificate and this allow you to enrol in colleges locally and internationally. Best of all IGCSE allows you to take your exam when you are ready. There will not be age limit when taking IGCSE

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