Is Online Schooling Possible in Malaysia?

Is Online Schooling Possible in Malaysia?

 If “home school aka tuition centre” is possible to conduct IGCSE program,  what about online school aka online tuition class? Can online school/online tutorial class play the role as homeschool?What are the pros and cons? What would the cost of education if parents rely on online tuition class?

Let me explain how parents can opt to choose online school/ online learning to save cost of education while students can still obtain a proper IGCSE Certificate.


Personal Opinion
Attending a proper international school will always be the best option  given the fact that the student will receive balance education both socially and academically. Enrolling in a proper school provides a holistic approach incomparable to homeschool and online tuition class.  However, many parents can’t afford to send their kids to international school.  The cost of studying in an international school is estimated to be within the range of RM 1200 to RM 2000 a month. There are many other hidden cost besides school fees.

In the Case I
Parents send their kids to study in Home School Class from year 1 –  year 11.  Mock exam and checkpoint test are conducted in school. Students will  sit for exam as private candidate at British Council or other IGCSE Exam Centre when they reach Year 11 (est 16 years old)

estimated cost (Year 1 – Year 11): RM 100, 000 minimum expenses

In the Case II
For the first 9 years of education, students will enroll in homeschool. Parents will only send their kids to pursue their education in an International School at Grade 10 and 11. There are many reasons why parents opt this method. We will discuss in next session.

estimated cost (Year 1 – Year 11):  RM 60 000  minimum expenses

In Case III
Student study at home with reliable reading materials. Usually the guardian will guide their kids at home with books and other reading materials recommended from friends and internet. As the kids grow older, the parents will seek help from online classes where cost of tutoring will be estimated be around RM 1000- RM 1250 a month.

ONLINE CLASS estimated cost (Year 1 – Year 11): RM 30 000 minimum expenses
HOME TUTOR estimated cost (Year 1 – Year 11): RM 50 000 minimum expenses


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estimated cost : RM 30 000 minimum expenses

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