Let us help you to set up your Homeschool

Let us help you to set up your Homeschool

If you are interested to set up a homeschool, you may write or call my number 012-4594388. We provide technical advice ranging from academic, management, procurement of science equipment, web development and advice. You may think that setting up a homeschool is just like any other tuition centre but it is NOT. Let me explain


Do you know that there is a grouping of subjects you may need to take in order to sit for IGCSE?
Do you know the Grades for IGCSE and what is the passing marks?
Do you know that IGCSE comprise of IG and Edexcell Syllabus?
Where can you find reliable books
Do you know there is a difference between student text book and teacher’s edition
Do you know the price and the exam centres?


Do you know that managing students can be really tough?
How would you managed different groups of students when you are dealing with small classroom size
How would you want to collect payment? What are the standard charges ?

Science Equipment

Where to buy?
What to buy?
What is needed and what is not needed
What you can buy and what you cant buy?
Do i need a proper lab set up?
What are the basic experiments you can condut?

You may think that getting a free website will help your business. 
Reason is because you need to have a website which are interlink to other homeschool. Parents trust homeschool which have proper links and connections. Having a website is not just about building a website. It is about the work behind the website.


For more information please call Justin 012-4594388

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