IGCSE Books for Private Schools

IGCSE Books for Private Schools

What are the books used in Private Schools and International schools in Malaysia. Normally we use a mixture of local and international books. Here are some of the list of books you may purchase if you are really interested to give a head start before enrolling your kids in the private or international schools. Oh Yes not to forget, home schools are also using the similar books

  1. Cambridge Book (All books are relevant)
    1. Most of the Cambridge text book are easy to digest
    2. The books are for early learners
    3. Cambridge books are simplified and easy to understand.
    4. Not much detail information
  2. Singapore O Level Additional Math Book (Pearson Publication)
    1. Pearson publications seems to provide good books for IGCSE students
    2. Tons of example with multi variant questions
  3. Local Malaysian books – Oh you can purchase any books from our popular bookstore.
    1. Fajar Bakti Science, Physics, Biology , Chemistry, Add Math and Math
    2. Pelangi publications Sciecne, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Add math and Math
  4. Edexcell Books

My suggestion is to use more than 2 types of books per subject. Do not rely just on the Cambridge text book because the information in the text books is always insufficient. You should look into other books. You can use our local Malaysian books too. We Malaysian produces great boks too. 



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