Government School to HomeSchool

Government School to HomeSchool

Too much of a debate and call flying in every single day parents asking for help. Among the questions asked are

” My son is a slow learner, he as vision disability and because of this he cant really focus in school, how do i move him out from government school to homeschool?

My kid is suffering from mild autism, he cant focus in large group learning and i do not with to send him to the “Special needs school” , If possible i want to send him to a school where they are specialized in mild autism kid. Can i send him to home school? 

“I dont really like the government school syllabus, i would like to  pull him out from school and send him to learn IGCSE in homeschool, Can you help me?”

Let me put this straight:

  1. Primary Education is Compulsory. But there are cases where you can plead to remove the kid out from primary school. Parents need to seek advice and state why they want to move the kids out. Our government will not force you to send your kids to government school but they WANT YOU TO BE A RESPONSIBLE PARENTS. At the end of the day they do not want you to SCREW UP  your child’s life.
  2. How to pull your kids out ? Medical condition and Frequent travelling will put the JPN and MOE to understand your situation. If your family is travelling every week to different countries, there is no point sending your kids to government school. It just defeats the purpose of education.

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