Expedition for Students

Expedition for Students

Jerantut Eco-Expedition
Sustainable Development & Community

Service Project
A 5 days 4 nights Program
16-20 March 2020

The Jerantut Eco-Expedition is a journey with a purpose. It is designed to be challenging and become your life changing experience. You will play a crucial role in the development of sustainable societies whilst understanding the value of the environment and the importance of protecting species.

Taman Negara, Malaysia

Taman Negara is the oldest rainforest in the world. It encompasses a sprawling tropical rainforest that is said to be 130 million years old. It is the best spot to explore the beauty of nature. It is home to about 3000 species of plants, many of which are endangered and endemic. Jerantut is a base for nearby canopy walkway, river trips and treks through the jungle. You will walk on the world’s longest canopy walkway which is 53m long and 40m from the ground level.  Perhaps the most notable aspects of visiting Taman Negara is visiting the indigenous community called “Orang Asal.


“I have never realised the serious impacts of plastic usage on the ecosystem until I attended this expedition, time to change” Whelky, King Edward, Taiping

“Glad to acknowledge that I am part of this noble effort to reduce the carbon dioxide level by being part of this tree planting project through this expedition” Haziq, SMK Cochrane, Kuala Lumpur

“Very empowering, I wish I can join again in the future” Shirley, Penang Chinese Girl’s Private High School

Why join Eco-Expedition?

  1. Bringing your lessons to life with experiences within the eco-system
  2. Increases human ingenuity through interaction with mother nature
  3. Shaping a team of responsible and committed citizens
  4. A Transforming journey with unforgettable adventure
  5. Teamwork, leadership and complex problem solving
  6. Risk taking and overcoming obstacles
  7. Character development and Life Coaching exposure
  8. Improving fitness and health
  9. Developing resilience and self-management
  10. Moving beyond your comfort zones
  11. Reinventing your thinking skills and a tool for shaping the future.


What will you learn?

  1. Equipping with greater knowledge and understanding about global sustainable development issues to encourage positive change.
  2. Making sustainable grass root contribution through community projects.
  3. Helping to break barriers and communicate with indigenous community called “Orang Asal.
  4. Understanding the importance of preserving sites that are at risk.
  5. Investigating, learning and writing specific topics.
  6. Critical thinking and problem solving enabling in reasonable and reflective thinking.
  7. Mastering core concepts and methods from ecological and physical sciences.
  8. The expedition incorporates the four areas of interactions; community service, innovation, health and appreciating our surrounding environment.


Who are we?

TSEG is well established and experienced in crafting expedition and training based learning programs. Our team is comprised of highly trained, certified and talented individuals who are passionate about what they do. We aim to inspire people from all backgrounds to develop their skills, depth of their character, unlock their potentials and optimise performance through exposure to challenging, exciting and inspiring expeditions and training programs.

TSEG will arrange a suitable accommodation and meals (Halal, Vegetarian and Vegan options) will be provided for all participants. Safety is the cornerstone on which we build and develop all expeditions from conception through to departure and return.

An insurance coverage will be included in the fee. Please read TSEG expedition program’s Terms and Conditions for more details.


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