About Us

Private Schools Malaysia helps parents to allocate the nearest schools for international and local students. There are many local schools and International schools in Malaysia and we keep our directory updated for the benefits of the students. Besides from private schools, www.privateschoolsmalaysia.com also provides information on International schools. We are determine to improve our services by helping parents to allocate their students to the respective schools within their residential area, identifying what are the right choice of curriculum for their children too.

Other services from this website consist of

  1. Providing curriculum information
  2. Books and worksheets
  3. Location of schools
  4. Consultation
  5. Scholarships information

Public and Business Benefits

  1. Free Advertising about your school (Free of Charge)
  2. Free Advertising and information regarding scholarships
  3. Distribution of digital books and leaflets
  4. Reading Benefits

How can you submit your information to us. Write to yawkeanhuat@gmail.com


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