The British International School Kuala Lumpur

The British International School Kuala Lumpur

The British International School Kuala Lumpur is a standardised programmed offered in any other British School worldwide. By choosing to study here, you have ensure that your child education is anywhere accepted in the world. The academic curriculum comprise of 3 levels of education which are

  1. Early Years: Pre-Nursery (age 2) Nursery (age 3) and Reception (age 4) classes
  2. Primary: Years 1 to 6 (Age 5 to 10)
  3. Secondary: Years 7 to 13 (Age 11 to 17)

British qualified staff deliver the English National Curriculum supported in most instances by a native English speaking Teacher’s Assistant. The school is registered with the UK government’s QCDA (Qualifications and Curriculum Development Agency), with an International Schools Number (ISN) 1880027


 The Fees below has been derived from the website on the 12 March 2012. Please consult the school for more information:)
(1st September)
Termly Fee
(3 per year)
Pre-Nursery 2 9,464 26,037
Nursery – Full Day 3 11,986 32,980
Reception 4 14,511 39,925
Year 1 5 14,511 39,925
Year 2 6 18,800 52,285
Year 3 7 18,800 52,285
Year 4 8 18,800 52,285
Year 5 9 18,800 52,285
Year 6 10 18,800 52,285
Year 7 11 20,900 59,600
Year 8 12 20,900 59,600
Year 9 13 20,900 59,600

Some of additional Fees inclusive of


An Application Fee of 1,000 RM is payable with each application submitted. It is not refundable regardless of the outcome or withdrawal of application.

Enrolment Fee:

The school requires an 11,500 RM Enrolment Fee be paid in order to confirm the placement of any child (1 fee per family).

Early Notice Payback:

The school will provide an Early Notice Payback of 3,500 RM, to every family that provides a THREE MONTH written notice before the child is to be withdrawn from the school, all outstanding fees are paid and all text/library books are returned.

Bus Service:

The school bus fee is 3,465 RM per year. (Termly payment available)

School Lunches

School lunch fees are 2,220 RM per year (Termly payment available).

ESL Charge:

A one-time 10,000 RM charge will be applied to all students who the school deems requires additional English support.

School Uniform:

1,000 RM per child (approximate).

Contact Details

The British International School
No. 1, Changkat Bukit Utama,
Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya,
Tel: +6 03 7727 7775
Fax: +6 03 7722 1296

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