Science in Homeschool and International School in Malaysia

Science in Homeschool and International School in Malaysia

We have almost 50 inquiries asking our panel teachers “Why are Home Schools and International Schools not following the science syllabus for students in Grade 7 ?”Answer:- It is all depending on the schools. The idea of a school is to prepare students for IGCSE exams. Typically the students will take the IGCSE at 16 years old.  Ok lets get back to the question:- In Home School and International School (Mostly in Penang and Selangor), schools tend to teach a mixture of science with the element of Physics, Chemistry and Biology to prep the students when they reaches Year 10. This is actually a good strategy to expose students to what is it like when they took up the Science subjects.

I hope this solve most of doubts about homeschools and international schools in Penang.

Not all homeschools and international schools adopt this strategy. A minority of them uses this technique to help students to achieve a better grades in near future.

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