Home Schooling Malaysia

Home Schooling Malaysia

Are you looking for affordable Home Schooling Program? Why Home Schooling when you have local government schools to study? Are there any advantages sending your child to home schools? We will answer all the questions above shortly

Home Schooling Program is a program design for students who wish to pursue their education at home. Usually the students needs to complete their module before taking their final exam in International Schools or British Counsel. Students who study in the Home Schooling program will undergo IGCSE and O Level rather than PMR and SPM. The home schooling program are cater usually for rich students or expat.

Why not Government School?
The reason why parents opt to send their children for home schooling program is because of several reason

  1. They might be moving out from the country very soon
  2. They are preparing their child to overseas for international syllabus
  3. They believe in small classroom
  4. The child are poor performers in local government schools
If the parent are not decisive to stay in Malaysia, there is no reason why they should send their child to government schools. Home schooling using international syllabus will be a better options.
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