International Schools

Top Private Schools in Klang

List of Private Schools in Klang. Really hope this list will give help you to make decision Shekinah Homeschool Wesley Methodist School Excel Edu International Beaconhouse The list above shows some of the international school, private school and even homeschool. The list above are located in Klang area.


Private Schools OR International Schools?

What is the difference between private schools and international schools? In Malaysia private schools run  Malaysian curriculum such as UPSR, PT3 and SPM. The National language will be Bahasa Melayu and students needs to  fulfill the condition outline by Malaysian programs. International schools teaches foreign curriculum such as IGCSE, Alpha [...]


St Christopher Primary School

St Christopher’s Primary School (SCIPS), established in 1963, is a fully International Primary School that delivers a broad, balanced Curriculum, adapted to meet the needs of the school’s international community. Hosting families of 32 different nationalities, St Christopher’s enjoys a delightful teaching and learning environment. Even with an enrolment of [...]