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Schools for Disable (aspergers, bipolar, autism)

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Schools or any private institution can advertise for free for a period of 1 month if you sign  up for our basic package of RM 2000.

Front Page : RM 3000/year
Classified: RM600/year

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Top Private Schools, International Schools and Home Schools in Malaysia

Brochures of Privates Schools Malaysia

A worth to read before enrolling in IGCSE

Please download our latest 2017/2018 brochure. In this brochure, we will list down information regarding educational path after IGCSE examination

  1. What to study after IGCSE
  2. Cost to take IGCSE exams
  3. Books required for IGCSE
  4. Which college offers IGCSE as their entrance gateway
  5. What is the difference between Core and Extended Papers
  6. How does the grading affect IGCSE Score
  7. Misc

Questions and Answers

If you have question you would like to ask, just drop us a message

There are many reasons why parents are looking for Private education in Malaysia. If you are looking for IGCSE Curriculum then you have come to the right place. In this portal, my team can share some insights why private schools is an alternate solution compared to local SPM. We will be covering from

  1. What are the available Private Schools in Malaysia ?
  2. What is the difference between Private Schools and International Schools?
  3. What is Home School?
  4. How does Home School play the role in my child’s curriculum?
  5. What are the fees structure?
  6. What about the home school accreditation?
  7. Is home school recognized in local and private universities?

We can solve all your questions in this website. Furthermore we would like to share some of our materials and notes compile from various sources. They are free to download unless it i listed as “Premium Products”

My husband and I migrated to Korea due to work. When we return to Kuala Lumpur, we realized that our son will have difficulty in coping with local schools. Mr Yaw help us to sort out a private school near our place. Thanks

Wan AzisahCEO - Ucheong Pte Ltd

Thanks for helping my son to relocate to a new home school in KL. Private Schools Malaysia helps us to find the right school for our autistic child. Our son Matthew was fortunate to see help from Mr Yaw

Helen Chn'g Kar ChengInsurance Agency


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